Doubt in the “bright stain” on the soul of a believer

Have you ever stepped out with a brand new white shirt; you’re well groomed, ready for the day and somehow your new white shirt gets a bright stain on it? What make matters even worse is that the stain is right within your eyesight, so it’s hard for you to ignore.

Doubt in the “bright stain” on the soul of a believer. Of course you have faith! You believe there is a God. You pray. Yet somehow, just like the white shirt, an unexpected stain of doubt creeps in. Doubt can manifest itself either through a philosophical conversation, loss of a loved one (“I’m mad at God right now”), an episode on “creation” through the History Channel, exposure to a scandalous pastors or better through a YouTube link from a friend called “Zeitgeist” (if you are not studied in the word or if your spirit is weak I don’t recommend you watch this garbage).

Whatever the source, a little doubt can overthrow your faith just like a “little leaven” (yeast) makes the whole bread leaven. The foundation of belief starts within our spirit. Wash your “brand new white” spirit of the filth of doubt, study the word and feed your spirit. Read Mark 11:23


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