Are you being laughed at?

A crime in the spirit is the same as it is in the flesh. The greatest spiritual thief, liar, & manipulator is Satan. Without having your spiritual eyes open, it is hard to see Satan’s strategies. You won’t be able to tell if he is actually within YOU, moonlighting as the influence on your mind, body and spirit. Yes, some of us have let him into our minds as our advisor without knowing.

Just as with a crime in the flesh, crimes of the spirit are usually influenced by a motive. Satan’s motive is to make you an enemy of God through your own decisions and actions. He uses sceanarios called “occasions” to present you with suggestions contrary to God, to see if you will act upon it. It gets even better! Satan also plays the prosecutor when presenting the replay of your sins before the Throne of God (Rev 12:10). Sounds like entrapment? It is.

Satan’s occasions play out in all areas of life; internal struggles (advocates depressing thoughts, lying, doubt), family (divide loved one through overspill of personal internal wars), the work place , and mostly in society. While influencing man to be contrary to God, Satan is acutally obedient in doing what he was created to do. Tempt man. Get the last laugh, resist Satan


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