Talents & Return on Investment

The word talent has two different meanings. The first is “any of various large units of weight or of money (the value of a talent weight in gold, silver, etc.) used in ancient Greece, Rome, the Middle East, etc”. The second is “any natural ability or power; natural endowment” such as singing, artistic ability, athleticism, etc.

In Matthew 25:14-30 a reference is made to “talents” left by a particular master to his servants .The master’s goal was for the servants to use the money to bring forth interest from wise investments. Although the parable is referring to money, the same application can be made to the second definition of talents above. Through the use of one’s “natural ability or power; natural endowment” the servants of God are required to bring forth interest to God. By applying the natural talents (gifts) given to each person to glorify God; glory is given to the creator through the effect of our talents. Michael Jackson is an excellent example of how deep one person’s talent can influence others. His talent have impacted others to both sing and perform. We too can affect others as he did. It”s time to look at the “man in the mirror” and ask yourself, if you are making wise investment for God


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