The Difference between title and office

When we were children, we thought as children. We would play cops and robbers, and even imitate characters from television and the big screen. However, with age comes maturity and the need to define our space in society. Some of us have followed our childhood dreams, while the majority of us have succumb to default titles based on a variety of circumstances. Ready or not, planned or not, time waits for no man, leaving many to “fit the shoe” of a title that they were not particularly groomed for. These titles includes catalyst roles such as mother, father, provider, oldest sister, oldest brother and more. These default titles could not guarantee excellence in performance of one’s office. For example; one of the big disappointments is the expectations that a man who impregnated a woman by default would be a father. In title he is a father but in office, he may manifest a coward better.

Expectation lead to disappointment. Therefore having power only over our own will, we can begin to reverse this disappointment by self-examination and individual accountability. Perfecting of our office, defines our title. When we accept and master the office of mother, father, son, daughter etc, through deeds, we allow the office to define the title, not title the office.


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