Are You Teachable?

“Everyday I realize how much I didn’t know yesterday”. Considering none of us knows everything; one would think we would be more open-minded to learn new things. When it comes to personal criticism, discussions about God, a shift in traditions or even embracing technology, a certain trigger goes off within us that blocks our ability to process new information. Things gets worse with age as we become “fixed” in our ways; just like an aged tree, we become more difficult to bend over time. In Proverbs 1:5 it says a “wise man will hear, and will increase learning”. Age is not always synonymous with wisdom, but as we see in Proverbs the ability to “hear” and grow is a credential of wise men.

In today’s information, digital and enlightenment age, being teachable is more an asset than a liability. There are so many resources to understand, plus access is right at our fingertips. Today we can have video conversations, learn a new language, reconnect with friends we have not seen in years and do business all while hundred of miles away from each other. If we cannot learn new things we become limited and the results self-defeating. Regardless of background or age, a wise man knows he knows nothing and is willing to hear and decipher information to grow. The fool however, knows it all. Read 1 Cor 3:18.


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