Digital Detox

Laptops, cellphones, WiFi, Facebook & Twitter are just a few of the popular words that highlight the advances in digital technology; permanently changing life for hundred of millions of people. Just when we think we have the latest gadget, along comes a commercial to remind us how prehistoric our current gadget really is. We feel duped since we only bought it six month ago, but we are intrigued by the “must have” features of its replacement. “Oh your phone is only 3G, well mine is 4G”; said one friend to another at Atlantic Station, where two friends compare their YouTube video speed in the Metro Atlanta area of Georgia.

We are obviously bombarded by technology, almost to the point where we are dependent on it for every aspect of life. It would not be surprising to hear of future groups such as “TA” for “Technology anonymous” and maybe even transitional drugs to help the tempted cope with withdrawal. It appears a regular weekly “digital detox” is a healthy way to curb digital overindulgence. A suggestion is to replace the time with activities that allow connecting with others through traditional means including letters, face to face discussions, books, or group activities. If technology goes off, life should still go on.


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