Risky Business

Getting started in business is a great investment in yourself. The benefits of following your dreams can be rewarding both financially and personally.

Taking a concept from dream to reality requires vision, passion, and resilience.
Getting your business off the ground is “2% inspiration and 98% percent perspiration”. The hardest part is getting started; which in itself separates those that watch things happen from those that make things happen.

These days with so much economic uncertainty, starting your own business seems to be a wise option for most people. In September 2010, President Obama signed a $30 Billion loan fund to stimulate small businesses growth. This is yet another incentive to take the skills and expertise accumulated in the workplace and take your chances at a business of your own.

Another benefits of starting your own operation is the relatively low overhead of starting on the internet, the new boom of marketing using “social media” and a high unemployment rate (creates a pool of ready workers). Of course there is risk, but these days risky business may be confidence in “job security”.


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