Don’t Go Loco By Staying Local

The global stage is set, the players are Internationalist and the spectators only think locally and traditionally. If you are a business owner and you still have yet to start thinking on an international business level, or you are not interested in engaging global resources; your company may no survive in the growing global economy. The internet has changed the game and opened up opportunities such as outsourcing, video communication, social interactions and twenty-four hour commerce. The aggressive players are coming from Asia, India, China, the Middle East, Russia and Africa. These individuals understand trade, are mostly bilingual, many are well-educated, disciplined and willing to offer competitive prices for their products and services. How will you compete?

When you have a brick and mortar business it requiring constant marketing to generate walk in traffic. There are global online tools that help drive traffic into your operation. Fourscare is an online tool that helps businesses attract new traffic through digital incentives and rewards. Sites like Google Places can help customers find your location when looking for a specific keyword search.There is also Elance, which helps you find talent to fulfill a variety of business service requests. Even with local businesses its loco to ignore global resources. Let’s talk about how to stay sane and grow your business 877-212-6546.


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