Marriage of the Business Mind and Creative Mind

There are so many talented people out there. Some are naturally talented and others learn and master their craft over time. There are also individual that are naturally good at business, and others that learn about business through formal training. In the creative community there are core principles that govern how things are done, in music that may be melody, arrangement and talent; while in art a combination of ideas, format and material. The best person to consult when it comes to creativity is someone who has mastered their craft. Business has core principles that must be applied to ensure an output of success. These principles are people, system and capital. Similar to creativity, the best person to consult for business guidance is someone who has mastered their craft. Both creativity and business requires vision, the marriage of this vision gives mutual benefits to both parties. Business is the infrastructure of this union, while creativity is the shiny exterior. Similar to the marriage of a man and woman.

If you are part of the business community and have no creativity, your first priority should be to find talent. Likewise members of the creative community should focus on their craft or talent while procuring the services of a consultant, manager or partner. For business management call 877-212-6546.


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