Real Estate Investor Survival Tips

What’s next for the real estate business?”; is a question pondered by a number of investors who have seen the well dry up over the last three years. Property values are upside down, banks are not lending (unless you put 25% down ) and the money is circulating from Federal government to State government. Yes of course there is private lending, and as long as you have the savvy to attract such capital; while at the same time not fall into the mouth of the SEC. Investors are pretty much left to look at other real estate option to survive. So where are the opportunities in real estate for 2010-2011 and how can an investor profit?

One word seems to stand out more than any other in the present climate and that is “service”. Real estate investors will have to forget about the big easy checks for a while and focus on either small checks or bigger transactions on commercial deals. Services offered in real estate should fulfill the need of clients such as other investors, banks, homeowners and home seekers. Three ideas that can be offered for compensation are “We Find You Close” deals for active and passive investors. Secondly maintenance and renovation services to stressed landlords, or finally marketing services to investors and sellers. All you need is an agreement, clients and willingness to create a win win.


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