Limitations of a Realist

“Realists” like to say that they think “realistically”. They may type this statement on their Twitter, Facebook or even text it on their cellphone. Ironically these tools and devices were all created by visionaries who challenged the limits of “reality”.

Experience, curiosity, willingness and faith are anecdotes for the limitation of reality. Dreams allow us to go beyond the limitations of our experience. To allow your imagination to soar is harmless. Manifesting reality takes vision, bravery and planning. Fear stops many “realists” from the experiences they secretly desire; making them very content or comfortable with the false sense of security in a job or relationship. They may ignore the variety and satisfaction of life just to endure an uncomfortable “reality”. One of the most devastating things that can occur for a realist is a change of circumstances. In such an unpredictable world, what are the guarantees and how does a realist cope with the unpredictable?

In conclusion the term realist, in some cases is synonymous with limited. If you are not living life through your own experiences, somehow you are living what you have learned and someone else’s dream, may be your reality.


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