What is a Social Media Business Partners™

“Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink”. This quote has never been more true as it is today. We are surrounded by opportunity, information, people, technology and access yet we don’t “drink” from the “possibility fountain”. In our previous article entitled “Money for my business”(http://bit.ly/ay1rJB) we explored a concept called Crowd Funding as a financing vehicle for any project. Social Media is the term for the various platforms of communication, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more. Social Media is the “water” and the vessels used to extract that water are our ideas, concepts and projects.

Social Media Business Partners™ is a concept created by Chaashab as a business model that taps into the abundant “sea of people” within the Social Media spectrum. The focus is to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to present a well packaged vision to online audiences within Social Media Groups. Unlike conventional bank or angel investors, the risk is spread out amongst the group. The project is managed by an accounting, legal, business savvy team with admin support backup. The goal is to fund entrepreneurs projects while giving project funders the opportunity to partake in the profit and daily decision making of the project using their voting rights. For more info call 877-212-6546.


About Ask Chaashab

AskChaashab was created as a platform where conversations on the topics of business, real estate, mining, entertainment and spirituality can be discussed on a daily basis. Here at "Ask Chaashab" you will be able to hear personal views on the afore mentioned topics and have an opportunity to "Ask Chaashab" questions, network,as well as share you own thoughts and comment. Remember you can follow discussion by adding here or at Twitter: @askchaashab or Facebook: AskChaashab
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