Follywer, Follower, Followyah

“Social Norms” are comparable to an adult version of peer pressure. If you stand outside of the norm you just might become a victim of psychological bullying. Its easier to be a follower and blend in; however boldness and standing firm on your ground requires a strong moral compass. When an underground trend becomes mainstream sometimes even the staunchest critic convert to popular opinion. The irony is that the criticised now become the critic as with the movement with the Gay and Lesbian community. An important question we must ask ourselves is this; does “freedom of expression” only acceptable to some. Is the freedom to reject homosexuality subordinate to the freedom to embrace it, when it come to expressing your opinion on the subject?

The follower has no consequence either way; unless a definitive line is drawn in the sand, this individual can be a chameleon amongst anyone. Just like an empty glass he/she can change colors depending on the content poured in. They are both dangerous to self and the people interacting with them. Are you a follower? What are your core values? Do you have a foundation on which you stand and make decisions? FBI once defined a cult as “any organization people follow without questioning why”; is social norms synonymous with cult?


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One Response to Follywer, Follower, Followyah

  1. Julie says:

    This was definitely a blessing. All I could think was that you put words to my exact thoughts. Peace.

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