Happiness, Joy and Glory

One morning on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show”; Steve gave his view on the different between happiness and joy. He made a great point comparing the temporary satisfaction of happiness (for those living in the now), verses the greater benefits of long terms decision bringing joy and fulfillment.

If we were to compare happiness, joy and glory to levels in schools; happiness could be elementary school, joy high school and, glory college. Although we should enjoy the fruits of our labors and the joy of life, even joy becomes temporary when we compared it to the completeness of glory. When we have all the trinkets of life; money, family and a loved one, yet we feel incomplete, this could mean that something within us craves more out of life. Beyond the mortal achievements of life there is a greater existence; we visit this reality in our dreams, we go there with our thoughts and some of us crave for something far greater.

Immortality was the original estate of Adam in the God Garden, and the glory we desire that exceeds joy, could be our desire to return to immortality . Why strive to achieve perfection with temporary joy when immortality is an option?


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