Justifying Every Saint Under Salvation (J.E.S.U.S.)

We’ve all have moments in our life when something “clicks” or when the simple suddenly becomes profound. This is the case concerning God and his “Elect” aka “Saints” aka “Sons”; who are justified and blameless not because of their own works of righteousness, but chosen “from the foundation of the earth” and pre-selected to be “joint-heirs” with Christ. The phrase “you can do no wrong” has never been more applicable as in this scenario when you consider the heaviness and guilt some carry for things done in the past. These chosen are not bound by the standard of “natural law” but as members of a “spiritual family” are predestined to hold an eternal position with Christ. Can it be you?

For the sake of clarification, this is not a license to sin or an invitation to “Do as thou wilt”; but more so a paradigm shift from self-justification through the “motion” of righteousness (written guidelines), to the acceptance of the gift of life and freedom given by Christ (your spiritual destiny) to those who were always his from the start. What make this revelation so profound is that the Elect aka Saint aka Sons of God may or may not know who they are, but there is a voice and light inside each of them that guides them (spirit of truth) to their ultimate position and inheritance as the future leaders of a divine government.


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