Diplomatic Immunity & Ambassadors of Heaven

If you’ve been anywhere near the United Nation building in New York City, you might have seen what you thought was an “illegally parked” car near a fire hydrant. Typically this offense warrants a ticket well above $100.00, but if you have the red, white and blue “Diplomatic” plates on your vehicle, you get a pass.

Ambassadors of other countries come to the US and receive an “above the law” treatment. This luxury exceeds the treatment of even the citizens of the US. The sovereign (self ruled) governments of other countries who are part of the United Nations, (former Treaty of Nations) make their own laws and can by this right grant immunity to their representatives.

This same luxury belongs to the Ambassadors of Heaven who are governed by a spiritual constitution and in the world as representatives of Christ. Ambassadors of Heaven are exempt from the “carnal ordinances”. Although these laws do exist for disciple and order, ambassadors have direct orders to defend, uphold and protecting the constitution of the sovereign government; God’s throne. If we were called as representative of the US, we would do it with great pride, honor and dignity. For Christ we should represent with more glory and honor.


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