The Wealthy Poor & The Poor Wealthy

They say “more money more problems”; interesting reality for all those who feel that the end of their problems would be “more money”. The richest and wise man of his time Solomon, had it all; wisdom, riches, power, the throne, understanding and all the other trinkets of life. His conclusion of all these “things” was that they are “Vanity and Vexation of Spirit”. Are the rich truly unhappy? Are the “finer things in life” an illusion? Do you get to a point to where you long for reality even though you can buy more tangible satisfaction?

The poor man on the other hand has his financial woes, yet in many cases he has basic happiness. He has gratitude for the small blessings, he can see God working through the miracles of deliverance and faith. He has less to “protect” from “prying eyes and fast hands” and only those who really like him will stick around during his poverty. The poor man is rich in life and poor in tangibles, the rich man sometimes is only rich in money but poor in satisfaction.

If you are blessed with riches, that is a good thing, if you are chasing riches you may miss the riches you already have. Life’s greatest riches is to know the truth, having a relationship with your maker and share your rich spirit.


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