Nobody is Perfect?

When you hear something long enough; even when it’s wrong, you begin to believe it. Mental seduction is called propaganda. The concept of “Nobody is perfect”, has created the perfect trump card for no accountability. “I’m only human” we say, yet with the same mouth we say “with God nothing is impossible”. If indeed nothing is impossible then perfection is attainable.

To measure perfection the first thing we need to relinquish are human standards and replace them with divine standards. Perfection in the Bible is a “gift” from God and not based on the will or accomplishments of man. Romans 4:8 says “Blessed [is] the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin”. To impute means to hold accountable, this man is not held “accountable” by God and is considered perfect in spirit, not flesh. “Sin is not imputed where there is no Law”. This gift of perfection belongs to the “Children of God” and gives them immunity to against any accusation by natural and spiritual entities. As Paul wrote in 1Corin 2:6-8 “Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world”. Again the “perfect” are the children of God who have been predestined by God to be like Christ. So he calls us to this perfection; to recognize and accept his gift, rather than justify by works.


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