Inner Voice vs. Outer Voice

Who knows you better than you know yourself? Being true to self is tricky when it come to separating your true inner voice from the “programmed” inner voice. Many of us we are put in from of television from a very young age; therefore when we are called to make decisions our references are based on television, movies or hearsay. How can we actually learn to trust an inner voice that has not been fed concrete information? Our inner voice should be a combination of our God given spiritual compass, plus a library of experiences and proven facts.

Without a concrete inner voice, we rely on the outer voices of individuals that call themselves “experts” as well as our old friend Mr. Television. Although Google and other online sources give pretty good information, our inner filter should be able to decipher if some information is given with intention to manipulative us.

At the end of the day, all wisdom is from God. The conscience of man was put within him as the inner voice communicating from God into his mind. When that voice is dominant it provides the instruction necessary to navigate life. When that voice is suppressed under the programmed voice, then the best bet is consult with others that have their inner voice in tune with the same creator.


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