Would you like to Defend the Word on The Debate Show?

Here is an opportunity for those that love the word to finally air out differences in topics without argument.

The Debate Show will be aired live tomorrow night from 9pm to 10pm. The topic of debate is “Was the Messiah Born of Immaculate Conception or Not”? After the show the pros and cons will be posted on The Debate Show website at http://www.thedebateshow.com and voted on by site visitors. In the near future video debates will be listed as well.

If you would like to participate as a debater, please send an email to thedebateshow@gmail.com and state your position. If selected we would ask that you be ready to explain you stance with proof and clarity. Each person will have 5 minutes to state their position and 5 minutes to rebut the opposing points. The debates will be timed. Four people in total will be selected per topic, so please reply ASAP.

The debates will be aired weekly, tomorrow’s show can be heard at:


See you there.


About Ask Chaashab

AskChaashab was created as a platform where conversations on the topics of business, real estate, mining, entertainment and spirituality can be discussed on a daily basis. Here at "Ask Chaashab" you will be able to hear personal views on the afore mentioned topics and have an opportunity to "Ask Chaashab" questions, network,as well as share you own thoughts and comment. Remember you can follow discussion by adding here or at Twitter: @askchaashab or Facebook: AskChaashab
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