Freedom 2.0

The Messiah came to free the Children of God from the prison of the flesh. This limitation was put on man in the form of “Coats of skin” (Genesis 3:21) since the generation of Adam. Freedom 2.0 goes beyond the word “freedom” and its carnal replica of real freedom.

This illusion of freedom within “coats of skin” is not freedom but contentment with mediocrity and a temporary existence. This life we call reality is one of Satan’s many plagiarisms of the living God and his eternal kingdom. Freedom 2.0 will shed light on the immortal options available to mankind and encourage the mentality (spiritual resurrection) and actions (organization of those freed from spiritual prison). Our goal is to procure true freedom, living in righteousness without consequence. As Christ is now free from the sting of death we strive for the same victory until our mortal bodies receive its immortal clothing.

For more information on Freedom 2.0 or to free yourself from mental/spiritual prison send a message to


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