We Are Whitney

We are Whitney

We are all Whitney in some way shape or form. We all have our vices which are comparable to seeds planted in us. In all cases the seeds planted make us prisoners to a character and decisions beyond our control. Some seeds manifest in the public space, while others are secret and spare us the public embarrassment (for a time). With Whitney Houston we were made witnesses to her process, we saw how the seeds that were planted in her minds (spirit) eventually grew and prevailed.

All seeds are not destructive, but we must realize that the seeds which cause damage to ourselves and others must be uprooted or these seeds will eventually bud and grow to rule the Divine Garden in us. Yes we are ALL Whitney in some way, unless we uproot the seeds that are planted in us which result in actions contrary to own productivity. We must replace them with righteous seeds. The seeds of evil must first be uprooted before planting good seed or the evil will choke the life out of the good seed.

This message of the “seeds” goes back as far as the Garden of Eden. It explains the root of the struggle in us to do right, even when wrong feels good; bring us instant gratification and indulgence. Studying the topic of seed reveals an interesting journey within our soul to find out what is planted in us and how to discover the root of our disobedience and conflict with the Higher Power. We will all come face to face with the ultimate battle known as “Me vs. Me” and our decisions will determine which one of us will take away the victory. Will it be our inner spirit or our fleshly person.

In my personal studies I have come to the conclusion that even the thoughts of sin separate us from God. While I thought the ACTIONS make us to turn “out of the way”, it was the thought that provided the option for; alternatives, logic, justifications, and concupiscence to be planted. I had to learn that we mentally chose the “tree of the knowledge of GOOD & EVIL” as Eve did in Genesis 3, then our thoughts open the door to spiritual death and naturally our bodies follows the pattern. In your spare time reread Matthew 13:19-43, and you will see clearly that the devil planted the contrary to God seeds in us “while men slept”. Slept means when we were either truly ignorant to God, lacking on our “A game” concerning his reason for planting us here in the first place or when we deliberately turn our thoughts toward “another way” (the so-called deliverance through money, drugs, alcohol, ignorance and more). When we turn away from God, we think we are being delivered from discipline but the fact is we are allowing even MORE seeds to be planted in the garden of my minds. Of course, I am not saying we should not do well financially nor enjoy the pleasures of life or better yet find a good balance in taking care of our affairs while in this human body. However the mentality that speaks from within (the seed) that says to us “ if I win the millions in Powerball” or “if I find the right man/woman” or “you should try everything at least once….” Etc, THEN I will be good, THEN… I will be fine. This is actually the spirit of death whispering its covenant in our ears and will surely hold us accountable to fulfill the terms and conditions of the covenant we make with it. We are already under that covenant made in the Garden of Eden; the evidence being that we now physically dies when prior we had the “Tree of Life” and immortality was our reality. Therefore in closing regardless of your financial, social, national or political status in the flesh, if you allow the seeds of the devil to be planted and take root in the Divine Garden of your mind, it will grow and determine your destiny. Remember you may not be in the public eye, but you are always in the Father’s eye.

RIP Whitney Elizabeth Houston
By AskChaashab


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