You have the look, talent and brand. Now who is handling your business?

With so many beautiful, talented and creative people out there, why it is that some make it big, while others fizzle out? Someone said; “success happens when preparedness meets opportunity”. Building a strong infrastructure for your brand is just as important as promotion, marketing, public relationship and social media. In fact building the foundation is the first step to any strong house (your brand or company). At Qadar Royal Enterprises LLC we understand the business needs of entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry. We are committed to helping models, singers, rappers, dancers and entertainment companies develop the business behind their careers. Call us toll free 877-212-6546 for a free 30 minute business consultation or visit us at There you can fill out our information form and an account representative will get back to you.


About Ask Chaashab

AskChaashab was created as a platform where conversations on the topics of business, real estate, mining, entertainment and spirituality can be discussed on a daily basis. Here at "Ask Chaashab" you will be able to hear personal views on the afore mentioned topics and have an opportunity to "Ask Chaashab" questions, network,as well as share you own thoughts and comment. Remember you can follow discussion by adding here or at Twitter: @askchaashab or Facebook: AskChaashab
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